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Finding a great mortgage agent in Oakville can be tough, but Tajwar Rahman is here to make this process easy and stress-free. Expert mortgage brokerage service means that you can secure a mortgage that suits your needs.

If you need help navigating the complicated world of mortgages, equity and property loans, keep reading to find out how Tajwar Rahman can help you!

Our Services

Our services cover a lot more than just finding you the best mortgage. Here’s a list of the full services we offer in Oakville:

Residential Mortgages Oakville

Mortgages aren’t as simple as accessing a standard loan. There are a lot of factors that come under the mortgage umbrella. From equity to refinancing and construction to land loans, there’s a lot you’ll need to consider when you’re thinking about a residential mortgage in Oakville.

Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC)

While the world of home equity line of credit may sound complex, Tajwar Rahman is here to simplify this and help you understand what this line of credit can offer you. HELOC is a type of credit that you can use for large expenses, using your home as collateral.

This means that the lender uses your property as leverage in the event that you can’t pay back the loan. This is because your property is usually the biggest asset you own. With my help, you can use HELOC to access a maximum loan amount.

Reverse Mortgages

Speaking of equity loans, reverse mortgages are another complicated mortgage service that we can help you navigate. A reverse mortgage is an equity release loan that allows you to access a certain percentage of your property value. This is a great option for owners who are retired and need an income supplement.


Refinancing can be a great decision for anyone who notices that their current mortgage doesn’t work in their favour. Remortgaging simply refers to replacing your mortgage with a new deal. This can change your balance and mortgage length and make your monthly payments a bit more manageable for your budget. To find out how this process works, you can check out our refinance mortgage page to understand how refinancing can help you.

First-Time Home Buyers

Buying your first home is a great way to start a new chapter in your life, but it can also feel super daunting. Tajwar Rahman is here to break down the inaccessible jargon and make your buying process an enjoyable experience. I’ll help you navigate things like CMHC insurance, your down payment, tax credits, your first-time home buyer mortgage and so much more!

Commercial Mortgages Oakville

Mortgages don’t just apply to buying your dream home. You can also take out a commercial mortgage in Oakville to buy a commercial property to house your business. Examples of commercial properties you may look into include offices, apartment complexes, warehouses, and so much more.

Commercial Purchase Mortgage

In the commercial properties bracket, we specialize in a huge range of property types. From commercial plaza mortgages to farmland and hotel mortgaging, Tajwar Rahman can help you with it all. I can help you find the perfect commercial purchase mortgage or equity loan that helps you purchase, invest or develop the property for commercial use.

Commercial Refinance

Refinancing options are a great way to access equity, no matter whether you’ve partially or fully paid off your commercial property mortgage. A commercial refinance mortgage is a great way to access more funds for investing in new property, renovating or raising more funds for your business. Tajwar Rahman can help you access a second mortgage on any commercial property!

Construction Loans

Building your home or commercial property from the ground up is a great way to put your unique stamp on a property. However, the loan application process for a construction loan mortgage can be long and much more complex than a standard mortgage process. I can help you access completion mortgages and drawn mortgages, ensuring you access the best loan based on your project’s progress.

Land & Lot Mortgages

Got your eye on a stretch of land and need a financing option? No problem! I don’t shy away from high-interest rates and large down payments and are committed to finding you the best land and lot mortgage possible.

Debt Consolidation Loan Oakville

Tajwar Rahman can help you get approved quicker for a debt consolidation loan in Oakville. Debt consolidation is a great way to quickly pay off high-interest debts. You can also benefit from smaller monthly payments that are a lot more budget-friendly than accumulating different interest rates each month.

Why Should I Work With Tajwar Rahman?

Why should you work with Tajwar Rahman? Well, I have a host of qualities that set me apart from competitors.

With easy application with no credit checks without your express permission, I can assess your application much faster. I also specialize in working with people with bad credit and a history of being declined by the bank. I don’t believe in denying anyone opportunities. I also strive to negotiate the lowest possible rate on the market, ensuring you get access to a deal that suits you!

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