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Tajwar Rahman understands business owners and can offer mortgages to self-employed mortgages in Mississauga to individuals who wish to take out mortgage loans without the hassle of getting denied.

A self-employed mortgage is a residential mortgage on a home or a commercial mortgage on a commercial property owned by or purchased by someone who owns their own business or corporation.

Canadians who are self-employed have a different method of disclosing their income than salaried workers who work full- or part-time, and their claimed net income is not necessarily high enough to be approved for a conventional mortgage at Canadian banks. Having the right mortgage agent by your side has many benefits. I will work with you to tailor a mortgage solution that meets your unique needs and helps you achieve your financial goals. 

Because there are so many different legal tax deductions that are permitted, self-employed people can save thousands of dollars per year in income taxes. Although there are many advantages and pleasures to being self-employed, there is one challenge that the majority of Canadians who work for themselves frequently fall into, mortgage financing. 

Mortgage financing for a self-employed person through major Canadian banks can be an extremely difficult affair, given the recent changes to mortgage guidelines. Even when a borrower has all of their personal and commercial accounts at the same bank, they can still get turned down. This is the root of the rising annoyance Canadian customers feel toward the country’s current banking system.

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How Does a Lender Calculate a Self-Employed Person’s Income?

To calculate someone’s income, most banks and conventional mortgage lenders only take into account the average of the most recent two years of declared income on line 150 of the borrower’s income tax returns. When you work with me, the approval process is a lot easier as I am able to consider your annual income on line 150 and also take your corporation net income into account as well which helps boost your total income.

Schedule an appointment with me today to find out about the best rates self-employed home buyers can ask for. If you are looking for a self-employed mortgage in Mississauga, I will help you where traditional banks fail; I always have your mortgage needs covered.

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A. Patel
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Thank you Tajwar for your support. You are indeed a great agent. I recommend others to take advantage of your great service. All the Best and Thank you. Keep up amazing work.
D. Yonelinas
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Thank you Tajwar for helping us get our second home. Without your extreme knowledge, experience and professionalism, we wouldn’t be able to get a second mortgage. And plus with a bonus low interest rate that you get for us was a big help! Please continue to help others. Thank you so much! Your hard work is truly appreciated from the bottom of our heart
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Had amazing time working with Tajwar - very professional, reliable and I felt comfortable placing my difficult mortgage situation into his hands. He and his team took care of absolutely everything, leaving nothing to chance. Transaction went smooth - certainly will be recommending to my family and friends.

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